CamContacts Feature: Special Events

Looking for a bit more fun on the side?

CamContacts Special Events

From time to time during the year, CamContacts runs special events. During these events, it’s possible to win thousands of dollars in cash by playing and participating in the event.

Two Hearts Special Event

The most frequent and recurring special event CamContacts runs usually takes the form of a game. The game centers around filling an empty heart shaped icon with numbered tokens. To obtain these tokens, you need to join one of the guys or girls in sexy video chat session. The more time you spend in the session the more tokens you receive at the end of the session. As you receive the tokens your half of the heart fills up.

When you have filled and completed your half of the heart you need to pair it with a CamContacts webcam model who has also completed their heart. Once completed, you and your chosen CamContacts both win a share of the prize pot.

Instant Wins

There are also instant wins while you’re having a live cam session with your chosen webcam model while the ‘Two Hearts’ promotion is running. The instant win will usually be a bonus of 10 or 20 dollars, or a similar amount which would be added to your CamContacts account. You’ll need to keep an eye out for it and claim it.

Previous CamContacts Special Events

Click the link below, to read about the previous CamContacts special over the past years

Previous CamContacts Special Events

When do these CamContacts Special Events take place?

Most of the special events that CamContacts run take place around:

Valentines Day
CamContacts Birthday (typically around mid November)
Christmas time

Happy Hour Promotion / Special Event

They also run special Happy Hour promotions where you can receive up to 40% of live cam session with a CamContacts webcam model. To hear about this, you’ll need to register and submit your email address to receive the promotional notifications. This particular promotion however is strictly time limited and doesn’t run very often. It would normally only run for 4-6 hours after you receive the email notification. So keep your eyes peeled for that email.

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